DeeX VRay Arsenal gives you the possibility to control multiple renderLayers at the same time.

Control your lights quickly and easily :
- all lights listed by group
- groups can control all lights (example : set the color of all diretionnal lights in 1 click)
- spreadSheet to control all attributes or custom attributes
- select mode
- customize the UI : columns placement, dock the tool...

Deex VRay Arsenal gives you the opportunity to work more than two times faster. Time is money, because DeeX VRay Arsenal is cheap, use once the tool will save you time.

Control the quality of your render with one slider :
- AA
- GI
- System...

Work with VRay easily :
- add MaterialID/ObjectID in one click
- set materials in one click
- import multiple proxies...

Work with VRay without to change your Maya scene.
DeeX VRay Arsenal can work "on the fly", during the render.
Generate :
- light(s) select
- materialID
- objectID
- object(s) property
- override material...

On fly...

DeeX VRay Arsenal : The ultimate tool for VRay For Maya ! Lister

Lights Lister

DeeX VRay Lights Lister : control your lights quickly and easily.

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On fly randomiser

On fly randomiser

Add randomisations on fly.

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Pass manager

Create/rename/duplicate/delete your renderLayer to manage your rendering options.

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Set your scene quickly with a lot of tools (multi-proxies import, material ID manager, object ID manager…)

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DeeX VRay Arsenal is a plugin by Damien Bataille, alias DeeX, an independent TD.