Welcome to DeeX VRay Arsenal

Welcome to DeeX VRay Arsenal

The ultimate tool for VRay For Maya

DeeX VRay Arsenal : update v1.6, VRay 3.0 !

DeeX VRay Arsenal v1.6 and VRay 3.0 is here.

Feature/Fix :

– Feature : Work with VRay 3.0
– Feature : Add Maya 2015 win64
– Feature : VRay Resolver

What is VRay Resolver ? :

Vray Resolver is a collection of scripts to help you modify your scene for specific problems.

For example, the first script here will set all render settings to render into a big resolution.



Please do not hesitate to give your wishlist on the forum : http://arsenal.deex.info/wordpress/forums/

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  1. macoy, 11 September 2015
    wondering if maya 2016 and vray 3.1 support are planned.

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DeeX VRay Arsenal is a plugin by Damien Bataille, alias DeeX, an independent TD.