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    After installing I can no longer batch render, in Maya 2013×64.
    In the script editor it says:
    “Rendering with V-ray..” and then a few seconds later, it says the render is complete.

    The renderlog looks like this:
    V-Ray: Starting render
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: Loading plugins from "C:Program FilesAutodeskMaya2013/vray/vrayplugins/vray_*.dll"
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: 104 plugin(s) loaded successfully
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: Finished loading plugins.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: Exporting scene to V-Ray.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: Parsing light links time 0h 0m 0.0s (0.0 s)
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: Translating scene geometry for V-Ray
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: (Estimated time remaining: 0h 0m 0.0s): 77 % completed
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:53] V-Ray: Total time translating scene for V-Ray 0h 0m 0.4s (0.4 s)
    pymel.core : INFO : Updating pymel with pre-loaded plugins: Dmm Plugin for Maya, DirectConnect, mayaHIK, AbcImport, tiffFloatReader, Dmm Plugin Scripts for Maya, phoenixfd, objExport, VectorRender, studioImport, gpuCache, rotateHelper, Substance, MayaMuscle, AutodeskPacketFile, fbxmaya, matrixNodes, arsenalPass, ik2Bsolver, OpenEXRLoader, ikSpringSolver, Mayatomr, AbcExport, vrayformaya, quatNodes, mayaCharacterization, retargeterNodes, stereoCamera
    Warning: line 1: Start Arsenal Function
    Warning: line 1: Arsenal Function done
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:58] V-Ray: Rendering.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:58] V-Ray: Pre-render export.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:58] V-Ray: Pre-render export
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Pre-render export done.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Rendering frames.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Updating frame at time 1.00
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: (Estimated time remaining: 0h 0m 0.1s): 57 % completed
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Total time updating frame 0h 0m 0.1s (0.1 s)
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Preparing renderer...
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Preparing scene for rendering...
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Creating bitmap manager
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray warning: Subpixel color mapping is on: rendered result may have incorrect brightness.
    Warning: Subpixel color mapping is on: rendered result may have incorrect brightness.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Preparing scene for frame...
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Compiling geometry...
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Building static raycast accelerator...
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: SDTree statistics:
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Total number of faces stored: 18892
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Max tree depth: 31
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Average tree depth: 19.0442
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Number of tree nodes: 3835
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Number of tree faces: 39992
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Number of tree leafs: 1538
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Average faces/leaf: 26.0026
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Memory usage: 1.99 MB
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray error: There was a fatal error rendering the scene.
    Error: There was a fatal error rendering the scene.
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Render complete
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: ========================
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Clearing exporter memory...
    [2013/Jan/20|15:38:59] V-Ray: Total time clearing exporter memory 0h 0m 0.0s (0.0 s)
    Scene C:/Users/David/Desktop/Store/scenes/molotov__3604.mb completed.


    I can also point out that in scenes where I haven’t used Arsenal, everything works just fine.


    I have tested on a simple scene and it works for me.
    Are you sure it is Arsenal ?
    Because :

    Arsenal have finished to modify the scene “on the fly”.

    Two question :
    1) Do you have this bug on a simple scene ?
    2) If no, can you give me the scene (by email) where you have this bug ?



    Yeah it must be. See:

    I start Maya, select Vray as my renderer, turn on GI and create a single cube. I batch render 10 frames and it works fine.

    Then I go to Plug-in Manager and load Arsenal, and click the shelf button for it. In the Quality tab I press “save actual settings”, then “Optimize”. Then I hit Batch render, and it won’t work.

    Actually now when I did this (exactly the way I wrote), MayaBatch crashes and a window pops up telling me “MayaBatch application file has stopped working”. Do note however that rendering inside of Maya works just fine.

    So, then I click “Reverse back settings” and try to Batch Render – and it crashes. I then go to Plug-in Manager and unload Arsenal, and try to Batch Render – it crashes. I then restart Maya, with Arsenal still unloaded and try again – now MayaBatch doesn’t crash, but I get the problem I first described. The render just stops a few seconds in. This persists even if I turn Arsenal back on.

    What happens now is that the scene somehow becomes corrupt and won’t Batch render not matter what I do. If I want to batch render I would have to export my geometry into a new scene where I haven’t used Arsenal, and then it works.

    I unloaded the few other plugins I had as well, just to try if it collided with something, but it didn’t work.



    What happens now is that the scene somehow becomes corrupt and won’t Batch render not matter what I do. If I want to batch render I would have to export my geometry into a new scene where I haven’t used Arsenal, and then it works.

    Don’t worry about your scene 🙂 . It is not corrupt and you will not need to export your geometry.

    I will try to explain you what Arsenal does when you click on “Optimize” :
    When you click on “Optimize”, Arsenal saves all VRay settings into an extra attribute of the “vraySettings” node, nothing more.

    I remember that there is a bug on old VRay for Maya : Maya crashes when you add an extra attributes to the “vraySettings” node.
    A lot of people use the official build and not stable builds.
    So, to confirm this, please select your “vraySettings” node, and delete extra attributes from Arsenal.

    If it is this, i will try a work arround for this VRay bug (as you see, it is not an Arsenal bug).
    The beta is here for this, to see what is good for all people, what is not :).



    I’m also having problems batch rendering.

    It either won’t render anything and says it’s completed, or it just crashes Maya batch render.

    When I delete vraySettings from the scene, it begins to work again.

    I’m using Vray 2.30.01 with Maya 2013 x64 SP2


    Like i said, it is because there is a bug on old VRay (official build), the “vraySettings” do not like extra attributes.
    This bug is not here with “stable builds”, but i will try a work arround for this old VRay bug.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Please continue to test before the final release. 🙂



    Ah that explains it, cheers for clearing it up! I’ll try with an updated Vray in a week or two.

    I really like the plugin btw, great work! And while I’m here, any chance you will add the “Vray to Nuke” precomp-thing like your other tool has?


    Yes i will.
    There will be more and more features over time.
    The most important is the workflow, work fast, work easily.



    great, thanks!

    It is an amazing product. It really speeds things up!

    Good work 🙂


    Hi all,
    After some research, this old bug is not because we have extra attributes on the “vraySettings” node, but because we import PyMel in the Python V-Ray Scene Access of VRay (renderGlobal –> VRay common –> Post Translate Python script).
    Arsenal uses PyMel. I can not work around this old bug of VRay (PyMel is …PyMel).

    To use Arsenal, you have to do not use the “official build” of VRay for Maya (version 2.20.01 from february 1, 2012) because the official build has 1 year of not fixed bugs.
    You have to use “stable builds” (which have all bugs fixed). You can ask the access to all builds to ChaosGroup.
    VRay 2.4 will be out soon.

    Thank you.


    So does batch rendering works with vray 2.301 for maya, right now it`s till crashing for me?


    You have to use VRay 2.4 or nightlies builds.
    Official VRay 2.20 (Maya 2011-2012) and 2.30 (Maya 2013) do not work with DeeX VRay Arsenal (these builds are too olds (more than 1 year). I can do nothing because it is a bug of old VRay).


    i’ve got the same problem- no way to batchrender any scene via smedge.

    i use maya 2014 and a nightly from end of june (vray_adv_22501…).

    any ideas?!

    br mayanic


    Do you have an error message please ?

    To know if the crash is from DeeX VRay Arsenal :
    – close DeeX VRay Arsenal
    – go to render global —> VRay common —> Post translate Python script.
    Delete all lines and render (do not re-open the tool after you delete all lines).

    Desactivate these lines desactivate the tool.

    If you haven’t crash : it is the tool.
    If you have crash, it isn’t the tool.

    To re-add all lines, just re-open the tool.


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