Welcome to DeeX VRay Arsenal

Welcome to DeeX VRay Arsenal

The ultimate tool for VRay For Maya

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DeeX VRay Arsenal is discontinued. The last version of VRay for Maya has all features by default now.

Thank you everyone for the support.

Free 30 days trial
for individuals
Free by license
Node Locked license
for individuals
69€* by license
Bundle of 30 floating licenses
for corporations
Soon by license
Batch rendering No

We use the services of the company FASTSPRING (U.S. based) to sale DeeX VRay Arsenal.

Volume discount – Student/academic licenses – * About VAT : click here

DeeX VRay Arsenal knows how expensive it is to be a student or teacher, that’s why i offer discounts of up to 50%.
Please contact me to have more information.

Discount by license

Please contact me to have more information.

Because FastSpring is a United States-based seller of digital goods, for European customers, please note that the EU requires FastSpring to charge VAT (value-added tax) to downloadable purchases by non-business consumers located in the EU.
Business customers (company for example) purchasing through FastSpring are able to waive VAT charges by providing a valid VAT ID at time of purchase.

What If I Have a VAT ID?
Businesses making digital purchases can be exempted from VAT Tax by providing their valid VAT ID at the time of purchase. For those providing a VAT ID, no VAT Tax will be charged, and the VAT ID will be included on the invoice we provide at purchase completion.

DeeX VRay Arsenal is a plugin by Damien Bataille, alias DeeX, an independent TD.